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After you have logged in the wordpress panel, go to Olympus -> Page Builder. After you have created a new template for example: "testimonials", select from the "add new element" select box Testimonials Block Click Add Element Button.
A new element should appear to the drag & drop panel. With the +, - button you can choose the size (width) of the element.
You can edit the element with the "pencil" button.
When you edit this element you have to add this data:

  • Title - Add a title for the testimonials block


[dynamic element="testimonials" dynamic_title="Testimonials" dynamic_size="12" ][/dynamic]

Was my first time using them and they did a great job.  I am happy to give them a 5 star rating.  Talk to Mo or Manrique for a very competitive bid.  AND THEY FINISHED MY CAR EARLY!!!!   When does that ever happen!?!?
I took my 2012 BMW 650 that had rear damage to there shop. they give me free rent a car also BMW for the time my car was in there shop. Great friendly service.
Jerry M.
Well, a friend of mine told me about his experience 360 AC. And I was told by him that his vehicle was ready on time with no problems... And that is rare in this industry. So I would definitely recommend 360 AC.
Jay O.
I've had two cars repaired at this shop and both times I was extremely satisfied. They do excellent, high quality work. Both cars looked brand new after they finished the repairs. The owner Mo is honest and very helpful. I definitely recommend this shop.
Bam R.