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Frame Repair

Chief EZ Liner Frame Machine

If your vehicle has suffered a frame damage that has affected it's structural integrity, we have all the necessary tools to be able to completely fix the damage and make your vehicle look like there was no accident. With the Chief EZ Liner it is possible to restore the frame of a car back to its original position.

Lease Returns

Has your Lease Finished?

Bring your car in to our shop before you return it at the end of a lease and we'll make sure you won't have to pay any unreasonable dealer fees and penalties. We will make your lease return up to the standard of most dealers to ensure a smooth and headache free return.

Ready For Any Repair of Any Size

360 Collision Center, LLC provides a whole slew of vehicle repair services to get you back on the road faster and more efficiently.

Quality Collision Repair

Meticulous Workmanship on Every Repair

All 360 Auto Collision Center technicians have multiple years of collision repair up their sleeves and are highly trained in the industry. Once the estimate is written out and the damages are accurately assessed, our technicians work as a team. Each with a different skill set, they work on the same vehicle as it advances through the repair process creating a built-in quality check at each step.

High-Quality PPG Paint

Accident? What Accident?

At 360 Auto Collision Center we take great pride in our ability to match factory finished colors. We do quality complete vehicle refinishing for all cars and trucks including custom cars, muscle cars and collector cars. Equipped with a new high-flow, modern spray booth and a computer color match PPG eco-friendly water-based refinish system, we do paint right!

A Spotless Shine

Putting the Cherry on Top

Prior to returning you vehicle, it will be professionally cleaned. This could include vacuum, interior trim, glass, wash, wheel, wax, tires, wheels, and engine compartment. We make sure your car leaves the shop in a better condition than when it came.

High-Efficient Process

A Quality Repair without Breaking the Bank

Our unique assessment process provides many customer benefits. We will first sit you down and using our comprehensive computer estimating system we will thoroughly examine all of the potential damages that may have occurred to your vehicle to make sure that we don't miss a thing. Then we will break down all the steps and costs to repair any damage. This process is more time consuming, but it’s completely worth it because it results in a high-quality, cost-effective repair.

Got a Cracked Windshield

Bring it in today and we'll take care of it for you without any hassle.