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Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Please before to contact our support team have a look to are frequntly asked questions.You should speak with your personal stockbroker about purchasing any stock in an IPO. You cannot purchase any securities (in an IPO or otherwise) from Goldman Sachs unless you already have an account with us. However, as our clients are primarily corporations.

360 Auto Collision center is equipped with a new high-flow, modern spray booth and a computer color match PPG eco-friendly water-based refinish system, we do paint right!
Used parts or other than original equipment manufactured parts will NOT be used without authorization from you, the customer, as noted on the Repair Order.
We guarantee that parts or materials used are of the finest quality. Those parts or materials are subject to the guarantee of that supplier.
We offer free towing service to and from our shop so you don't have to stress. If you vehicle is not drivable please do not risk anymore damage, we will pick your vehicle up and transport it safety to our shop.
We have in the past used both OEM and non-OEM parts based off the customers request, we leave it up to the customer.
We provide a Three (3) Year Written Warranty on all mechanical repairs pertaining directly to original collision damage, excluding suspension, air conditioning or other electrical assemblies or components. The Shop will, at its sole option, re-repair any mechanical assembly or component warranted hereby.
Yes, only for mechanical repairs pertaining directly to original collision damage.
Yes, we provide a Lifetime Written Warranty on painting related priming and painting work against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing and excessive loss of pigmentation; and, a Five (5) Year Written Warranty on the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals, excluding defects which are caused by extreme environmental conditions to which the vehicle may be exposed. The Shop will, at its sole option, re-prime, re-paint, re-stripe or re-decal the specific section or sections of the vehicle warranted hereby. Paint Warranty is valid only when paint is applied over original factory fishes that are free of defect.
YES! The “State of California Department of Insurance” states that an insurance company may NOT require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.
Section 2695.8(e) of the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations